The Hot Springs Village POA is proposing amendments to the Declaration & Articles to better enact the Comprehensive Master Plan that will change our way of life in the Village – and not for the better.

The Declaration & Articles will:

Transfer Development Authority to the POA
The proposed amendments to the Declaration & Articles will give too much control to the POA board and create a power imbalance between the POA, residents and nonresidents. If given this excess power, the POA will begin to move the Village toward becoming a municipality rather than a community, irreversibly altering your way of life.
Increase Annual Assessments
Article X, Section 3 would raise the annual assessments cap, allowing the POA to make your yearly assessment higher than it’s ever been.
Make Elections More Frequent
Passing the Article XIV, Section 1 & 6 will allow Village property owners to propose amendments at any time, resulting in frequent and expensive local elections.
And Much, Much More.
The Declaration & Articles will make extensive changes to how the Village operates, forever altering the heart and soul of our community – if it passes.

How You Can Help:
Make the vote for our Village when you vote “No” to amending the Declarations & Articles on your ballot,
and tell your friends to do the same.