“For current board leadership and management to put the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) into action, the vote to amend the declaration and articles of incorporation must be successful. As there are strong concerns regarding the feasibility of the CMP and its economic impact on property owners, Cooper Communities recommend a “NO” vote on all proposed amendments.” – John Cooper

Cooper Communities, Inc., believes the CMP and any amendment that facilitate the plan are bad for Hot Springs Village. We have deep reservations about enabling language that gives more control to the CEO and board of directors. We are especially concerned with amendments that give authority to the POA to become the developer, which is far outside of its purpose, scope, or responsibility. Simply stated, POA leadership does not have the experience to play developer. It is inappropriate for the current leadership to invest your assessment dollars in real estate development, particularly using as guide a CMP that makes false assumptions and asserts unachievable outcomes. It’s too late to recoup the $500,000 spent on the CMP. It’s not too late to avoid a waste of your assessment dollars.

CCI is speaking out publicly because of our concern and commitment to members and Hot Springs Village – a community built from my grandfather’s vision. Residents and non-residents alike will be deeply impacted by the proposed amendments. A ‘NO’ vote will slow the process down and allow members to continue to ask questions, voice concerns, and talk collectively about the type of community you all want Hot Springs Village to be.

If these amendments were to pass and the CMP into action, the power will be held primarily by the POA and Board of Directors (Board.) A vote “no,” keeps the power evenly distributed among property owners, the POA/BOD and CCI for the benefit of keeping Hot Springs Village a community, not a municipality.

The following are the amendments most problematic to the future of the community of Hot Springs Village.

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This amendment shifts control to the POA and Board allowing the POA and the Board to attempt to control of expansions and additions to Hot Springs Village.

Vote NO because: This is an association overreach which furthers the transition of HSV into a municipality. If passed, the Board could use Members’ assessment dollars to acquire additional lands outside the Village borders and subject such land to development under the CMP.

This amendment gives all parties (Developer, POA, residents, etc.) an equal number of votes as opposed to the existing, intentional Class separation.

Vote NO because: This amendment consolidates too much control at the Board level and gives the POA significant voting power. The separate class vote was intended to protect CCI’s $110 million investment in HSV and to protect property owners’ land from decisions of an inconsistent, ever-changing Board/POA leadership.

This amendment removes the approval from the Class B member and calls for a majority vote of combined Class members.

Vote NO because: This amendment gives the POA/Board more voting power to limit existing and future property owners’ use and development of their land, another Association overreach.

This amendment is an entirely new paragraph which allows common property to be developed or disposed of and claims to require approval or notice from nearby property owner.

Vote NO because: This amendment gives the POA/Board the authority to sell Members’ common property assets without a vote, a loss of badly needed oversight over the decisions of the Board.

This amendment claims to secure and strengthen the processes of architectural control in order to protect property values.

Vote NO because: The Board adopted the CMP in April 2018. The covenants and restrictions were also adopted in April 2018. An affirmative vote on this amendment will complete transfer of control to the Board’s CEO, conferring power to limit and in some cases prevent existing and future property owners’ use and development of their land.